What happens when the ball goes in the bottom of the shooter!

no pic

You have to upload the image you are trying to attach to an image hosting service such as the Chief Delphi galleries or Then take the image URL and use the %between% tags…

That’s the one he’s trying to link.

Much better,
That does NOT look good!!! :ahh: What happend?

Team Driver/Designer

The ball was thrown to the people operating it while we were testing. The ball hit the front of the shooter and was sucked in the wrong way. Not pretty.

ouch that gots to be really bad for u guys huh :frowning:

well other than a slightly bent motor plate and a pretty well destroyed ball every thing else was ok. I was the guy holding the shooter and when that ball hit the shooter lept of the ground a good foot off the ground! needless to say we are building a cover to stop any stray balls that try to fly in there!