OOPS! The enviornment variables are gone!!!

I was wondering… Did anybody have a problem with MPLAB IDE Deleting all of their environment variables? I installed the IDE on three of our computers and after I did that, the PATH environment variable seemed only to have the path to the IDE and the mcc18 C compiler. I fixed it, but I just wanted to know if any one else had this problem. I just wanted to warn everyone. I didn’t know if others were having the same problem, or I just got a bad cd.
Team 1458 - Head Programer

I didn’t have this problem and I installed it on two computers.

Did you install it from the CD?

Yes, I had that too. It only shows up if you answer “Yes” when MPLAB asks you if you want to install the environment variables. On my Windows 2000 system, MPLAB works just fine whether they are registered or not, so I just answer “No” and save myself a lot of work. :smiley:

BTW I was using MPLAB v7.20.