haha didnt mean to type this whole thing last night. was honestly just very upset at the whole thing.


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Please don’t take this the wrong way, but slow your roll ever so slightly. :slight_smile:

The event I help run, SCRIW, is putting on its tenth edition this fall (and will be canceled over my dead body). We perfect the formula ever so slightly each year, but it’s still nowhere near the Championship experience. Events like IRI, nearing its 20th edition, also embrace the limitations of their venue and resources.

That area doesn’t historically have a lot of off-season action; the nearest one I can think of is Beach Bot Battle that 364 has put on (and just announced for 2020) in Gulfport, MS. Which brings up two questions:

  1. Have your people been to off-season events, or helped out with them enough to understand what you’re getting into? (I was the only person in the initial SCRIW planning committee that had, but that turned out to be enough.)
  2. What resources can you bring to bear on this in your own school? From tables to power distribution to custodians, there is a lot that goes into these events besides the field itself. You may want to figure out how far you’re extending your neck by hosting this.

If people are coming from far away, be mindful of places for people to stay too. Our school could never host an event like this because the nearest hotel (worth staying in) is about a half hour away.

I read your edit anyway :slight_smile: . I feel the pain too.

Take hope: I know of multiple efforts in my area already to get something spooled up for later this summer. I’m certain it’s happening elsewhere as well. It’s frustrating we have to wait to hear details, but I have zero doubt that something will happen.

I’m confident because of how many smart, motivated, robot-possessing people there are in the world, who just want to have some fun with their robot. Something will happen.

Keep in mind too - all of these events are team efforts - no one person can do it alone. There are other experts in coordination, logistics, etc. out there which will take care of the stuff you’re not sure on.

If anything - start to reach out to folks in your area about what offseason plans look like. Volunteer to help wherever you can - simply lending a voice of interest is helpful. Try not to worry too much about “doing it all yourself”.

In the mean time, find a project at home to occupy your time. My wife and I had been saving up for a 3d printer, and decided to pull the trigger last week. Even if something like that’s not an option, there’s lots of free computer-based stuff. Learning a new CAD program, Matlab, programming language, calculus… pick a topic and dive in!

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