We had some database issues today.

2000+ error e-mails later, I returned home and able to fix it.

Let me know if anything out of the ordinary happens …

Thank goodness its back! I realized without CD I had nothing to do on the internet:D

wow, I fixed my virus problem in the time you fixed CD!

I spent a few minutes making this while CD was down. Guess I answered my own question.


The - real - question is - what would we do without that Brandon Martus guy?

Brandon Martus who?

Dern Brandon, when is your team coming to the NASA/Langley Regional so I can finally meet you! Looks like your team is going to every Regional except VCU.



Rely on his clones of course. :wink:

I’ll be working at all of the events in my signature …
I came to VCU last year … :slight_smile:

Or we could rely on Brandon Marcus…

Nah, he just takes the pictures:D