Open Alliance Show - Live Tuesdays 8pm eastern - 5 teams each week!

The Open Alliance show will be back each Tuesday starting at 8pm eastern at Twitch both myself and @Greg_Needel will be back as hosts. This will be archived at the following day.

This show is intended for teams to showcase in a video presentation format their build season progress and to dive more into everything visual to help inspire teams. This could be anything from prototypes, CAD, vision software, assemblies and robot demostrations. We’ll take a couple questions from the live chat also.

Each of our 15 teams will be on twice to showcase their progress: Here’s our current schedule (all times US Eastern UTC-05:00

First appearance:

January 17
8:00 PM 6328
8:20 PM 6423
8:40 PM 1466
9:00 PM 1339
9:20 PM 948
January 24
8:00 PM 7407
8:20 PM 3506
8:40 PM 3544
9:00 PM 3512
9:20 PM 3636
January 31
8:00 PM 342
8:20 PM 1757
8:40 PM 2587
9:00 PM 7125
9:20 PM 599

Second Appearance

February 7
8:00 PM 6328
8:15 PM 6423
8:30 PM 1466
8:45 PM 1339
9:00 PM 948
February 14
8:00 PM 7407
8:15 PM 3506
8:30 PM 3544
8:45 PM 3512
9:00 PM 3636
February 21
8:00 PM 342
8:15 PM 1757
8:30 PM 2587
8:45 PM 7125
9:00 PM 599

Check out The Open Alliance Show Tuesday’s starting at 8pm eastern at Each week we will have 5 teams on to showcase their progress, detail what has and has not worked for them and to answer questions in chat. Check out our teams for Week 1!


The Open Alliance Show is about to start with the awesome teams listed above! Come check out what they are up to and ask questions for these teams. Twitch

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We had a great Week 1 on The Open Alliance Show!

Here are all the week 1 archives:





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Week 2 of the Open Alliance show is live tonight starting at 8pm eastern at Teams will show off their progress on prototypes, testing, CAD, programming and more!


About to start with the Open Alliance show. Come see what these awesome teams are up to! Twitch

Live starting at 8pm eastern: Check out the build season progress including the beginning of mechanism assembly, testing and vision of these 5 teams tonight live on The Open Alliance show! Twitch


Open Alliance show is about to start! Come check out these OA teams are up to with their season progress! Twitch

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