Open House PPT

Hey people!

Just wondering, what would you put into a Powerpoint that is going to be shown at your schools open house. We plan to have our robot (what we have of it so far this year) driving around in the lobby and a table set up with the powerpoint looping in the background. There are 3 schools in this one building, all have open house on the same night, so we just wanted to raise awareness about out FIRST team across the student body. So what do you think?
So far we discuss:
Who our team is
Who FIRST is
This years game
The Animation
Fundraising & Outside Mentors
In-House Mentors

Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

You can use the power points found here and adapt for your presentation re: FIRST background or FRC

Do you have any clips / photos of your team in action in past years’ competitions? Those seem to be great attention-getters as well. They show the excitement of the competition and that often is a hook.

We do have some team photos! We were thinking of adding those in but just was not sure!!

That FIRST powerpoint was not what we were looking for, I think its too generic and we want to focus on our team, not the whole organization. The Graphics in the FIRST powerpoint will be used however. Thanks!