Open-Mesh OM5P-AC Setup


I am setting up my Open-Mesh OM5P-AC Dual Band 1.17 Gbps Access Point (am-3205) and need to connect it to my computer. I try to install the firmware, but it always comes up with an error saying that the firmware is outdated. I just downloaded it today, so I don’t know what is up. Can anyone help?

Are you sure you downloaded version 2? It was released just over a week ago to address some of the problems they were having with kickoff version.

The link you gave me has to files. Do I download the first or second one? And thanks!

It depends what country you are going to be using the radio in.

The IL version contains an Israel version of the firmware with restricted channels.

We will be using the joystick. What do you suggest?

We are using it in the US.

Download the version without the “IL”, that one is for Israel.