Open ports can be tested off the field

I learned something at our regional competition this weekend that I thought was worth sharing. The firewall settings (i.e. open/closed ports) are configured on the D-Link itself and are not part of the field management system. This means once you get your D-Link configured at the competition you can test that your camera images or custom data you are sending on a network port are working before getting on the field. Since you cannot connect to your D-Link wirelessly off the field after it is configured for the competition you just need to connect to the D-Link with an ethernet cable.

I know this is true because our custom data was not working (I had chosen the wrong port, 1135) but once I chose the correct port (1180) it started working. This occurred while wired into the D-Link off the field.

This would very much surprise me. I can’t find any indication that the DAP-1522 has a built-in firewall that could be configured to do this. It might be possible using the QOS, but the web interface doesn’t seem like it contains the required fields to do this.

I was originally going to post this more as a question than a statement but I couldn’t think of any other way to explain the behavior I saw. Now I’m thinking one explanation may be that I had the port set to 1180 on the DS side and 1135 on the robot. When I set it to 1180 on the robot side it started working…I can’t be sure now. Can anyone confirm where the firewall is implemented?

My guess would be the field. At the beginning of the match(as the robots are being brought onto the field), the field’s access point is being configured by FMS to create SSIDs for each of the team numbers in that match. They are configured as VPNs between the driver station and robot. I believe the firewall is implemented in the field AP.

I also assumed this was the case. I thought I had evidence to the contrary. I am going to the Cleveland, OH regional next week. I will test this there.