Open practice field in Nor Cal?

Are there any teams in Nor Cal willing to let Team 5499 use their practice field tomorrow and/or Tuesday afternoon? We would really appreciate the opportunity to get more practice before bagging.

I can’t guarantee anything, but a mentor from 5924 SI Robotics seemed to indicate they have at least the defenses to practice on (though I don’t know how much space/any more of a field).

Try contacting them maybe?

Team 254 down in San Jose has a field open to practice, you should contact them.

We have half a field, we share with 701 down here in Vacaville if you need one

Thanks for the kind offer! I’ve sent you a PM.

Our field is available from 7-10 PM tonight (San Jose, CA). PM or shoot me an email (Cory -at- if you’d like to come over.

I was mistaken last night. We are hosting teams tonight with limited hours as Cory noted above.