Open top recyling container?

I am watching the webcast of the lansing michigan event. Towards the end of the 5th match a team placed a recycling container with no top on it that was filled with litter. Did anyone else notice this? How could that happen?

The lids are held on with tie wraps (plus friction). With the increasing speed of canburglars, removed lids are likely to become more common. I don’t see anything in the rules that would keep the RC from scoring, though only one litter score would be credited:


note that’s per container, not per piece of litter.

Hmmm, after the loss of an RC lid, it is then up to the Head Ref as to whether that scores according to the published Ruleset. See damaged game pc. info.

If this: is the match you are talking about, then they didn’t place a recycling container, part of their robot is a garbage can/ recycling container and they use it to get points for putting the noodles in the landfill.

There is another way. The field drawings and setup call for the white backfield ball pedalstals from last year to be used for the litter cans, but, some fields are not being shipped w/ them (in Las Vegas last week), we used Green RC’s w/ no lids as the litter holding containers…I wondered afterwards here on CD how it would play out IF someone actually attempted to use one of those after it was empty, or even w/ 1 litter still left in the container carefully entered over the wall top to a waiting forklift bot, whether the head ref would count it (since there is no actual rule against doing so), since it really isn’t supposed to be an official arena pc. in the actual game setup.

What led me to that thinking was when 148/60 emptied the backfield one QMatch all that was left behind on the backfield carpet was that lonely green litter can w/ no lid sitting there. And 148’s Forklift type Batman ready to accept it over the HP wall anytime very easily.

They could also attempt to use it defensively if they can catch opposing Alliance noodles and move them also into the landfill. Definitely a novel approach using the Game pc. as an actual part of the robot.

Yes that is the match. I didn’t realize that the RC was part of the bot. Hope to see you in Escanaba again next year!

I suspect it would be called as a G16 once the robot took possession of it. FIELD elements are never clearly defined, and in this case it isn’t a RECYCLE CONTAINER, it’s the Litter Bin.

I am surprised that there’s no general prohibition against introducing anything other than litter and totes into the FIELD during the match.

You’re wrong… but not by much. It’d be G16 before it ever got TO the robot, because removal of the Litter Bin in the first place is a G16 (see Q210). Given the whole “further damage likely to occur” statement, I’d figure on a disable if a team attempted to enter the whole bin onto the field (after all, the robots aren’t exactly gentle…), as well as a “friendly” chat with the head ref and FTA after the match. (If after said chat there was another instance from the same team, I would suspect some cards coming out of pockets for “egregious behavior”.)

Removal of the litter bin from the original set position? I have known it to have been moved to both HP Stations so far many times (That also would be a violation of G16 it appears, as they have to A. Grab or B. Grasp the Litter Container and drag or carry it over there (unless they actually levitated it numerous times by mind control)…Working reset I replaced that Bin many times to the original required location, though I never once saw it actually moved originally as I was busy watching the matches. (It should have been originally attached to the carpet w/ some type of hook/loop tape originally, but was never called out to be in the arena setup).

148 as an example has a forklift on Batman that could easily and gently lower it right onto a built stack from an inch below the top of the wall, there would be no damage incurred, and no HP would need to reach over the wall. (I was just thinking a bit outside the bin). LOL. (As there is the exception to G16 of (items A-D exclude TOTES, RECYCLING
CONTAINERS, and LITTER): And…That green thing the litter was in, is the right size, right color, right labelling, just missing a Lid. And was completely empty at the time, so no longer a litter bin. (Quite a rules discussion could have ensued).

I do agree it is a field element and not a Recycle Bin when used as a Litter Bin. But, that is not what is described as a Litter Bin in the actual Ruleset. It is supposed to be white…But those used in Las Vegas were actually Green Recycling Bins w/ out lids. And therefore, just like the Yellow totes pushed out (off the carpet onto the concrete, and completely out of the carpeted arena area, just to get them out of their way), by a human player, was ruled legal, because there was no actual rule against doing so, I was just wondering if anyone even thought about doing it. (The rule on an RC without a lid on a stack is left up to the Head Ref, on whether it scores or not).

It is very important to use the proper field elements also.:smiley:

I’m just glad it never became an issue.