Open Wind River

I’m sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this question. I need help openning wind river workbench. I installed it correctly ,but when it asked if I would like to create a desktop icon, I chose no. Now I’m not sure where to find the file to open it. Any help would be great. Thanks.

go to programs and look for wind river, it should have a shortcut that you can copy!

if in vista you can search by just typing in wind river!

I have vista. I tried typing wind river into the search, but I dont get any results. I know that it installed because it said it was complete and I clicked finnish. Also, I went to programs and fetures under the control panel and it wasn’t listed there eather. I’m confused.

or WPI

I suppose because of its heritage, its default installation location is c:/windriver rather than program files…

I don’t have a machine with it installed in front of me, but if you dig into there, I believe you will find the IDE.

Greg McKaskle

I went to C:\WindRiver and the files are there but i’m still not finding the file to open it. I appreciate the replies.

Try looking here:


Once you find it, create a desktop icon.

Rogerlsmith, your a Genius. thank you. Now how do i create the desk top icon?

To make a short cut just right click on the icon and either click on Send To Desktop or Add to Quick Launch.

what Icon do I right click? I have wind river opened right now.

Minimize WindRiver and go back to the folder Roger indicated. Right click on wrwb-x86-win32.exe and place your mouse over “Send To” then click “Desktop”

Right click on the icon you used to run Wind River (wrwb-x86-win32.exe). You don’t need to close Wind River.

Ok, I’ve got every thing now. Thanks for all of your help. Next time, I will just choose YES when it ask if i want a desktop icon.