OpenCV for Java/Windows

How do you set up WPIJavaCV for java on windows? We’ve tried OpenCV and JavaCV, but we couldn’t figure it out. We need to use it for vision tracking on the ‘backboards’ for this year’s game. Suggestions?

Are you doing an onboard computer?

If you are, it’s recommended to not just JavaCV and not windows (imo building anything in windows is a pain). JavaCV, although great, is not an officially supported language binding.

Windows is just generally difficult when it comes to programming anything that requires building

Install the SmartDashboard, all the vision stuff is packed into the installer.

Thanks for your help - however, we had the smartdashboard installed already. :frowning:

I’ve installed the SmartDashboard installer too, now what must we do? Pointing to the jar files WPIJavaCV.jar or WPICameraExtension does not help. The SmartDashboard is loaded into C:\Program Files\SmartDashboard. Under there there are .jar files, but I don’t know if they are executables for running under windows or to be included and linked to the java program we are trying to write?

My program doesn’t understand WPICameraExtension, WPIImage, or WPIColorImage, nor the processImage function.

Has anyone written a standalone Java app that reads the camera image they may share as an example? The WPILibCookbook is missing some key information that we have no clue in what to do.

Here’s what I include:



Awesome thank you. Along with this example I think we’ll make some progress now.

Thanks again.

Thanks everyone for your help, this looks like just what we need. I really appreciate it!