OpenCV Help

So Hunter and I are willing to set up an OoVoo video chat, maybe a couple times a week. I think we might have a maximum of 10 people at any given time, so If you’d like, just post and we can help you get set up!

We will help you get OpenCV installed and set up, and get you started with your first OpenCV application in C/C++.

So, if you’d like to join us, just comment reply and we can get some video conferencing set up!

I’d love to participate! We could have a group on some social platform to schedule a date and time :smiley:

I would like to join this, do we need to necessarily use webcams?

Quick question though, what platform of c/c++ are you developing in?

The reason why I’m thinking about using Video Conferencing is because that will us to share desktops with each other. We can also use our cameras if we need to, though that will be unlikely.

Windows will be the target platform for the actual application. However, I suggest you get Ubuntu installed under Wubi if you don’t have a UEFI system. Development and creating new projects is much easier in Ubuntu, and it is accessible to everyone. Windows will be the deploying platform because that’s what the DS runs on!

You do not need a webcam to participate. (Though you will need some form of camera to actually do computer vision on…). It would be helpful if you’d share your screen with us when we are trying to help you.

Yash is doing opencv in windows with visual studios but also does it in ubuntu in QT, and IDE. I do strictly ubuntu in QT.

So I’m thinking that we will try to do this on Saturdays. I guess maybe an hour session per week (more if we need) might be good enough to get you’all set up!

Will this be held after build season?