openFIRST Explained or: What-we-think-the-FAQ-would-be-if-people-asked-many-questions

openFIRST Explained or: What-we-think-the-FAQ-would-be-if-people-asked-many-questions

What is openFIRST?

openFIRST is an integrated set of modules which may be used together to create or enhance a web site. It is directed towards teams participating in the FIRST competition. Setup is simple enough to follow through in order to get a complete openFIRST site operating inside of 10 minutes.

What components does openFIRST have?

At the moment, the openFIRST system has the following modules (either in development, or with a released version):

  • Awards - show awards a team has won
  • Base - the foundation for other components
  • Bash Installer - easily install/upgrade openFIRST components on a system equipped with the Bourne Again SHell.
  • Emoticon - handles emoticon (smilies).
  • Feed back - allows visitors to contact a team’s representatives.
  • Guest book - Allows visitors to give their opinions of a team.
  • Logger - Gives web-based access statistics for a site.
  • Logger (ASP) - Gives web-based access statistics for a site (written in ASP).
  • Manual - Provides documentation similar in nature to the manual.
  • Members - Provides a members area with profiles, and encrypted passwords.
  • Messenger - Allows visitors and members to message each other.
  • News - Provide news headlines on a page.
  • Photo Gallery - Organize images of a team
  • Projects - Handle projects that a team is working on, with completion tracking.

There are other modules planned to be developed.

Where can I access more information about openFIRST?

The openFIRST project web site is located at:

How can I help?

No special skills:

You may help in the openFIRST project by testing new versions of the software, submitting bug reports, using the openFIRST software on your team’s website, giving the address for openFIRST to new first year teams…

Special skills:

You may apply for direct CVS access to the the project on Source by PM’ing me, or otherwise contacting me. Be sure to include a description of who you are, what you want to do (ie, write documentation, fix simple bugs, or program new modules/features), and preferably examples of your previous work (this isn’t strictly required, but is nice). Without CVS access, you may still create patches, and do a ‘diff’ on them, and e-mail the patch to someone who does have CVS access (ie, someone listed on the project site as a developer).

I want to try what type of sever do I need to install it.:smiley:

*Originally posted by Adam Y. *
**I want to try what type of sever do I need to install it.:smiley: **

At the moment, we usually test with Apache on Linux, Sambar on Windows, and IIS on Windows. However, most of the components should work with any server software that supports PHP. The modules with ASP in their name require a server capable of serving ASP pages, with the only server being tested being Microsoft IIS. The Bash installer requires a system with the Bourne-Again SHell to operate, but it’s not required for anything, anyway, and at the moment is fairly out of date.