Openfirst Update Sept 10

Hi everyone.

This is a quick but important update on the openFIRST project. No we are not dead. heh. The development team has basically fallen to both Tim and I so we have been working together over MSN (its faster and more efficient). This is why you are not seeing any posts on the CD openFIRST forum. Even though you dont see anything happening, it is.

For the past 3 months we have worked out hardest to produce a quality system. In the upcoming weeks we will be getting closer and closer to the first complete release of the openfirst system.

There are downloads available but we warn our users that they may not be too stable just yet. If you do decide to download the modules and test them out for yourself (as we do need testers) then you can download the nightly builds at:

Oh thats another thing I forgot to mention. We registered a new domain. We may now be reached at

So if you get a chance help us out report as many bugs as you can find.

Expect another update…soon.

It is important to note that the address for nightly builds is and that the link in Dave’s post does not work due to the period directly following it.

I just made the changes to the links on my post also. I had originally taken out the period but the bulletin software seems to have added it back.

Oh well.

I’d like to say this:

The site itself is pretty good, but 1 thing:
On the module page, in the “Screenshots” column, you have a link saying that there is one, but there seems to not be one.

I’m not sure if this programming-wise problem, or something else.

Well we are planning to change the website…very very soon.

I found many bugs this week that still have not been updated in the current releases.

We should have the bugs fixed and a new release in the next few days.