Openmesh radio alternative for practice 'bot?

Are there any other radios that can be used in place of the openmesh one to communicate with a practice 'bot? Our backup radio (which came with our rookie kit this year) won’t flash and we need some way to drive a second drivetrain. It looks like this radio is out of production and only available at AndyMark for $135 which we don’t really want to spend on an ancient radio and won’t arrive in time for us to use it the next few days, anyway.

(Ebay may be an option but that’s still too late for our first event, plus I am checking with local teams to borrow one, but if some other radio works then I would love to hear it - thanks!)

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If you have an old FRC radio (or any wireless AP for that matter) you might be able to manually assign these settings and it should “just work” In a practice setting, I dont think the bridge is doing anything fancy.

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The only thing legal for competition is the openmesh. For practice almost anything works. You need to use the correct supply voltage though. First choice had a couple that they where almost giving away. You will not get them in time at this point. It sounds like First is going to be using the om5ps for the near future. It is useful to have a backup.

You radio is probably fine. Flashing a new OP5 can be finicky. On a new radio you have to download the config prior to flashing. I would take it to comp and get help from the CSA after the initial rush has passed. I could not get ours to flash using the new config tool on our drive station computer. I ended up using the 2019 tool on a different computer and it flashed first time. The actual config has not changed from 2019.

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