OpenSTEM XRP Firmware & Possibility of porting to other boards

Hello all,

Although the beta release of the new XRP robot is extremely exciting, I am confused about where the WPILib simulation firmware for the XRP is being developed. From my understanding, there is already MicroPython and Blockly support with the repositories at Of course, it may be that the WPILib-compatible firmware is not ready for the public yet.

The idea I have in mind is to try to port the WPILib-compatible firmware to other mini robotics platforms, like the Pololu Sumobot 32u4. Personally, I think that I could connect a RP 2040 to it, in shield form, in order to control it wirelessly. The intent is to save resources - in the case of my team, we have plenty of existing Arduino robots for Outreach purposes, and spending $60 each on >1 robots is not wise.

Hopefully, the firmware will have a soon-enough release, and the community can start to tinker!

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The WPILib compatible firmware is still under development and not quite ready for full public consumption just yet. We currently have 2 repos where development is being done. This one (GitHub - bb-frc-workshops/xrp-wpilib) is where the final firmware should live. However, we’re working through a few networking issues in some lower level libraries, so we have a stripped down version (GitHub - bb-frc-workshops/xrp-wpilib-lite) that we’re using for debugging purposes.

Note: These currently need to be used with a bleeding edge development build of WPILib that has WebSocket message filtering implemented. GitHub - bb-frc-workshops/xrp-demo-bot has an example robot project and build.gradle file that supports this.