Operating 2019 robot with 2020 driver station software?

In a rare (and welcome) move for the Pandamaniacs, our 2019 robot is still together and fully operational. We have made zero changes to the software installed on the roboRIO–what’s there is exactly what was on it in its final match of 2019. (And we want it that way, because we’re having enough issues creating code for the 2020 robot.)

Last night, we attempted to enable it for a demo but it immediately disabled. The driver station is the 2020 version. Is that the problem, or is there something else going on?

Unless something has changed between 2019 and 2020 that I do not know about, you should be able to run every robot from 2015 through current with the 2020 drivestation. Prior to that year, we were still using the cRIO, and as such you can run any robot with a cRIO using the 2014 drivestation.

We’ve seen that behavior occur intermittently sometimes. Restarting the DS always fixed the issue. Technically there shouldn’t be an issue with using the 2020 DS with a 2019 robot.

The Driver Station will work fine.
I suspect the Driver Station thought the Enter key was stuck on.
When this happens you can try closing the Driver Station app and reopening it to see if that clears the Disable action.

Avoid using the Enter key or Space Bar.

And come to think of it, I don’t know definitively if it was closed and reopened between development work on the 2020 robot and the demo prep work on the 2019 robot. Strong chance that’s the root cause, but will test.