operating chasis

i was currious how many teams have a rolling chasis by now, or are realativly close.

ok, seems like things are going good for everyone. But now, how many rookies out there are rolling?

Dose rolling on its side count?

Ours will be moving soon, it is completed just not hooked up as the final part. i think…

If you don’t at least a rolling chassis by now… I want to say 7 words.

Good luck meeting the 6 week deadline.

It’s almost half over… Hurry up!!!

Asides for mounting lettering we are done.

Rolling in 2-4 days I hope.

We had a rolling chassis by the middle of week 2 and a powered chassis by the beginning of week 3.

We had the kit chassis driving about a week ago I guess, we could have had it much sooner but we didn’t really have a reason to. And who says if you don’t have it yet good luck? Pshhh. Ours still needs to be machined, welded, lasercut, and bent, but hopefully we will have the first two parts done by Saturday and the other two parts will come a little later. See, we have put a lot of work into the design and now everything will get fabricated really quick and it will all work the first time and keep working. We have plenty of time.