Operation: Electronics Compendium

I am putting together a compendium of wiring components and techniques, built from the community. I would like products, desrciptions, pictures, videos, anything. i will be collecting pictures and info at Las Vegas regional, and you can email anything really big to [email protected].

this will be a resource that i wil show and distribute to teams, especially rookies(it makes me cringe to see some of the rookie wiring solutions, and dont even get me started on my own team, who took apart my electronics case and stuck it all together with excessive amounts of velcro and zip ties. the horror!)

I am just wondering where everyone gets their wiring and pneumatics components. I mean anything and everything!
this includes:
wire(6,12,14,16,18,24 awg)
cable management
pwm supplies
pneumatic tubing
mounting techniques
any kinds of crazy electronics mounting or setup ideas, i would love to see all the ideas that everyone else has deemed crazy.

also, anything else that could be useful(comon problems, rookie mistakes)

I am the master electronics person for 2984 Viking Robotics, and i would like to have this on the internet by the end of this summer. it will have a wiki page and i will post it on here as some kind of public document. anyone whocontributes will be recognized.
Thanks, and-
May Your Hoops Be Ever Full – Rebound Rumble 2012!

Here is my electronics source list, this has most of the things I buy for our robots, but there is a few things a pick up locally. I can’t guarantee the prices are still accurate.

Item Company Qty Price Webiste
12 AWG Monoprice 50’ $16.42 http://goo.gl/cRqb2
18 AWG PowerWerx 100’ $10.26 http://goo.gl/MZjAa
6 AWG emergencyelectricpowersystems. 1’ $0.84 http://goo.gl/ylnhQ
SB-50A APP Connector with Contacts For connecting to batteries and battery chargers AndyMark am-0546 $3.50 http://goo.gl/qaIa7
6 AWG Compression Lug Connector For connecting 6 awg wire AndyMark am-0805 $1.25 http://goo.gl/O56aS
PowerPole Connectors 30 Amp Kit Wiring PowerWerx PP30-50 50 sets $37.99 http://goo.gl/SQPQ3
45 Amp Powerpole Contact Wiring PowerWerx 261G2 1 $0.28 http://goo.gl/tznHQ
Sonar Sensor Maxbotix XL-MaxSonar®-EZ1 $44.95 http://goo.gl/oqWAZ
Encoders Andymark AM-0791 Qty 2 $62.00 http://goo.gl/j2Xeg
Servo Wire extending PWM cables and making custom PWM cables Servo City SW22JT 50’ $15.95 http://goo.gl/gxlyf
Gold Single Row Female to Male Adapter Header - 40 Pin (x1) Adapter for Female to Male PWM Cable Hansen Hobbies HH-PT1IN_SRFMA40 $1.75 http://goo.gl/Jqtem
Gold Single Row Straight Header - 40 Pin (x1) Headers for sensors and things Hansen Hobbies HH-PT1IN_SRSH40 (x1) $0.59 http://goo.gl/74X8b
.1in Female Gold Terminals (x300) Female PWM Terminals Hansen Hobbies HH-PT1IN_FT (x300) $17.13 http://goo.gl/2mMa0
.1in Male Gold Terminals (x300) Male PWM Terminals Hansen Hobbies HH-PT1IN_MT (x300) $17.13 http://goo.gl/DX8e9
Universal/JR Servo Connector Housings - BLUE (x100) PWM Housing Blue Hansen Hobbies HH-SC_UNH_B (x100) $24.43 http://goo.gl/HQSSw
Universal/JR Servo Connector Housings - RED (x100) PWM Housing Red Hansen Hobbies HH-SC_UNH_R (x100) $24.43 http://goo.gl/nEytr
PWM Cables
Jumpers Used on Jaguars and cRIO bumpers Andymark
Batteries Wait for the season to start to make sure which batteries are legal Andymark andymark.com
RJ12 6P6C Plug Flat Stranded 50Pcs/Bag CAN Cables (From CAN on the Cheap) Monoprice 7270 $1.51 http://goo.gl/ejTVR
Phone cable, RJ12 (6P6C), Reverse - 25ft for Voice CAN Cables (From CAN on the Cheap) Monoprice 943 $2.02 http://goo.gl/6QYnX
6P crimping tool CAN Cables (From CAN on the Cheap) Monoprice 7035 $13.43 http://goo.gl/R41At
DB9F/RJ-12,Modular Adaptor CAN Cables (From CAN on the Cheap) Monoprice 1150 $0.65 http://goo.gl/eeJK6
D-Sub Pin Insertion & Extraction Tool CAN Cables (From CAN on the Cheap) Monoprice 2884 $2.18 http://goo.gl/8PXY5

This is an excellent effort which is a very useful resource for all teams. Hopefully, I can finds some things to contribute as well.