Operator Badge Colour for 2005

What color do you think the drivers buttons will be this year?

I hope GREEN again they looked great with our shirts.

I have a hunch that they will be a light blue. Do I win something if I’m correct?

thats not fair I think u have inside info. :slight_smile:

and do you mean like baby blue or just light blue?

yes to all the guys there are more then just one shade of blue, I was just told this by my gf. whodathunk it?

Day Glo Yellow? Like the DotD crew shirts maybe? Those would be very easy to see.

Nahhhh… the only ‘inside info’ I have is intuition.

Awww, wish I came across a blue one during my driver days, sure was getting tired of those yellow/pink/green/orange colors.

I’d say an “electric” blue! Most of them are usually a bright color of the sorts. :stuck_out_tongue:

black. All teams have bright orange, yellow, green shirts (which are awesome) the bright buttons blend in :smiley:

I would guess not green and not yellow. I wonder why I would guess that. I would guess red with white numbers or white with red numbers.

I heard orange.

im guessing burple; what a sweet color…

ok if someone wins, they get a cookie.

i would purple or black

Why not a metallic badge ?? Maybe some gold/silver colors would be interesting…

Maybe they’ll go back to large stickers! :wink:

I’ll guess greenish yellow.

black and red!!!

My team actually has black shirts, and I’m hoping the buttons will be shiny black, but that’s just me.

I think it will be blue also. Match our shirts nicely!

whoops sorry, rash generalization, I should have said most teams have a bright shirt. now that I think of it, this year, our team decided to go for a black shirt as well :smiley:

I think it’s going to be yellow :slight_smile: