Operator Console

Hey I was just wondering what kind of operator console’s teams were building for their Driver station setup?

If you could write what materials you used and any pics of it it’d be appreciated.

Team 744 Shark Attack is currently starting a control board made out of lexan (not sure how to spell this). It is just a long rectangle 34 (i think) by 10inches. I think the metal is aluminum square stock and is about an inch maybe an inch and an eight deep to allow for comfortable wiring. If I messed anything up I’m sure Lauren will correct me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last year we made it very decorative, and used a wooden frame with, i think, lexan. Which was painted over for our Peter Pan theme, and we also used arcade buttons, donated by a teammate, to control the upper half of the robot. The big problems with this though were it was through together towards the end of the season, and therefore very flimsy. Also they way we made it the O/I was very large, but I’m confident that if you spend more than a day and a half on your board you guys can have a great O/I, here’s the one picture I could find, it shows the right side of the O/I which used arcade buttons to position the arm at different positions, a joystick for more control of the claw and arm, and a painted easy button to open and close the claw.


We’re making one out of HDPE. It’s the same stuff the diffuser panels for the green lights in '06-'07 were made out out. We’re cutting it to about 12"x48" and then putting two together with standoffs to give it depth. As far as controls we’re using Arcade buttons for the operator and KOP joysticks for the driver.