Operator Interface code

I’m having some difficulties getting started with the operator interface (my first experience with programming robot was the EDU code).

Question 1:
Is there seperate default code for the operator interface, and if so, where?

Question 2:
Is there a tutorial/documentation on programming the operator interface.

Question 3:
How do you load code onto the Operator interface, because it doesn’t have the program button like the robot controller.

Thanks in advance for the reply.

I know I posted in the Control System forum as well, but I’m not really sure where this is supposed to go.

The answer for all questions is the same. The operator interface is not programmable. :cool:

The operator interface is almost a “dumb” device. It simply serves as a means by which to get data between the user and the robot. It also outputs a little data (the led’s and the numeric display), but all of that is controlled in the robot code.


I’m a little confused in this matter, too. In the Competion Port doc, it says something about BASIC and the OI.

Can anyone clarify?

look at the date on the guide January 13 2003 it’s last years operator interfacecompetition port guide

Thanks, I didn’t notice.