Operator interface/Driver Control board

Ok we are now trying to figure out what to make our driver control station look like and how to lay it out. If you have a picture of your driver control station, please post a lnk or a picture of it. Thanks.

SGS Dragons

If I understand what you’re asking, here’s our control board for 2005. [disregard the robodriver :D]

I may be wrong, but I think the rules say that you can’t do that. you can do it in the fix-it window, but I’m prety sure that is over with. Hope something works out. Again, I may be wrong, but I think I saw it elsewere on CD

I which I had a pic of our controller, but sadly, I don’t. But it looks cool. We used parts of Kitbot to make a frame, covered it in dimond plate. We had some of the plate up at an angle as a back board. On that we put the OI and had 6 LEDs used to tell battery power. On the flat part, we had 2 old (but good) black joysticks to control the robot on either end (about 1.5-2 ft). In the middle, we had 2 toggle switches for turrning on and off the drive and arm. those also had LEDs to indicate the state of the arm/drive (nothing worse then thinking the robot won’t move and leaning of the joystick :eek: )

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Q:Are teams allowed to work on their OI- namely mount joysticks, build switches, etc- after the fix-it window?

We had the same problem. We spent all our time building the robot we didn’t think of building the OI. We only had 7 students this year :frowning:
We got it built, but it’s ugly :ahh:

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I’ll try to post a pic of ours, the judges at regionals really liked it, and we got the Innovation in Control Award, we’ve got a laptop screen built in, a little electronics box with switches, 2 joysticks, built in power strip, and the famed nitrous button :smiley: