Operator Interface LED Drivers

Has anyone programmed the OI LED drivers in the new RC?

In the old OI/RC combo, the LED drivers were tied to outputs 12, 13, 14, and 15. Despite the documentation saying that pwm1_red, etc. are the output drivers, those drivers are only tied to the blinking lights on the OI itself and do not drive the four drivers available on ports 2 & 4.

If anyone has figured this out for the new RC, I would appreciate knowing what variable connects to these drivers.

from page 10 of the 2004 rc manual from ifi;

In general, the user cannot control the team color, because it is set by the Arena Controller during competition.

Also i saw it somewheres else saying its not allowable to controll the flash rate or color of the led displays.

The documentation says that the LED drivers are on pins 15, 8, 9, and 5 of Ports 1 & 3 (not 2 & 4). I use them and they work (LEDs on these pins mimic the lights on the OI). [EDIT] Just set the corresponding variables mentioned in the document to 1 or 0. [/EDIT]

Dez, he is refering to the LEDs on the Operator Interface, which are completely seperate from the team color LEDs on the Robot controller that you refered to.

Yes, they are very easy to use. As was stated early, to turn on, set the one you want to 1 and to turn off set it to 0.

they are indeed very easy to use; however, there is a bug in the documentation. the led’s mimic the relay lights, so use Relay1_green, Relay2_red, etc.

If you are refering to the fact that it says the PWMs, they do both. Port 3’s pins are controlled by the RelayX_green etc. while port 1’s pins are controlled by the pwm LED names (don’t remeber them right now. :))

I use the default code doc because it’s got tables for each port. I believe they are the same as the LEDs on the OI itself.