Opinion of Microsoft and it's products

As I was browsing though Chief Delphib forum threads I see a lot slamming Microsoft and it’s products. In my opinion I think Microsoft does a pretty good job with it’s products. Microsoft has a good range of some pretty powerful tools, some of these are: DirectX, Visual Studio, and .net stuff. The one thing that I think by far out weights other products in its class, is DirectX, I have never seen better graphics than what DirectX can generate. Of course this is just my opinion of this stuff.

Microsoft makes plenty of quality software; there’s no better desktop OS for x86 computers than Windows XP. As a web developer, though, I’m annoyed by Internet Explorer’s bizarre interpretation of web standards and lack of support for things as simple as PNG images. I still prefer to use a Mac for almost everything except gaming, though.

Overall, with a few tweaks (read: get some spyware protection, dump IE for Firefox, etc.) Windows is alright. (Windows is just about the only Microsoft product I use–I’m packing OpenOffice.Org.) However, the more I use the Apples in the Student Media office, the more I’m tempted to switch.

I will hand this much to Bill and Company: they make one sweet gaming console.

Overall, Microsoft is a very good company. Good software (mostly), good products, good gaming console. However, I never had great technical support in the past (and present) and IE is a very lousy program (which is why I now advertise Firefox in my signature)

i like Microsoft alot except for what everyone said is IE has to many venerabilities. Likes billfred said i use firefox and the rest is Microsoft and i have no complaints.

I personally like Microsoft, but it still has some problems… Although people do not bother to say it, there are many other systems that are much worse, such as linux and Mac…
But I believe that the reason that they do this slamming of Microsoft is because there are tiny little things that they do not like…
Just because it is on top, and it is not perfect, it will be slammed until its second best or maybe third.

I would not put Windows above Linux or Mac OS’s. They all have their strong points and weak points. Most people use windows for the ease of use and compatability. Many programmers (please correct me if I’m wrong…I am not a programmer) use linux because it is open source and everyone can edit and share it easily. And most of the people that I know that use Macs use them for their amazing capabilities with video and graphics; for example, the game animation is rendered on Macs. I do also agree that windows is probably the best of those system’s for gaming. I personally use Windows because it fits my needs and I know how to use it. I also use various pieces of software made by Microsoft. Microsoft is a fine company in most regards, but I also do agree that IE is pretty horrible.

Ya i have to agree with wetzel here each OS does have their own pro’s and con’s and we can sit here and debate it all day and nothing will ever change and yes linux is open source

Personally I like a lot of Microsoft products. Microsoft Office is very good, everything meshes together very well and all. Only thing I absolutly hate is the drawing canvas in MSWord.

Windows XP is a very good product, especially with Service Pack 2 installed. It is much more stable than 98SE and ME, plus has many more options.

I seem to be one of the only people around who prefers Internet Explorer over other browsers, but I do. I find FireFox and Mozilla a pain to work with.

They did turn out some other good products also, plus some upcoming products look good - MS Longhorn should be good and MS Anti-Spyware looks decent (though I haven’t tried it yet).

Microsoft .NET is an entirely different story, however… :rolleyes:

Windows is definitely not better than Mac OS X or Linux. While I can site many reasons, I prefer not to.

But basically my beef with Microsoft is there monopolistic power. They try to control basically every sector of technology. Whether it is the PC, server, music, video, DVDs, networking, DirectX, etc, etc. They always come out with a product that is proprietary, and it must only use a Microsoft solutions (there are a few exceptions of course). Microsoft is basically the reason why there are few open standards in the world that technology can interrupt. There strategy is basically like Wal-Mart strategy. They lower the prices of the products, until the competition dries up, and then they jack up the prices to whatever they choose, because there is no viable alternative. They don’t even try to embrace open-source solutions, and sometimes they try to stop in dead in their tracks.

If you think that Microsoft has helped the world by providing all of these products, than you are somewhat misguided. Microsoft strategy is often taking someone else’s idea, making there own version, and throwing a bunch of money at it until it becomes the majority.

On the other hand, I do like some of Microsoft’s products, especially Office. While it is not perfect, I do prefer it against other office suites.

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While I support Macs for many uses and Windows for many others, I am a highschool student. Like many people on this forum, I do not pay for my own computer. Kudos to those of you who construct your own. It’s highly admirable. However, I would say that no matter what operating system you use, you should get the best antivirus available for it. There are awesome ones (I presume, not being a longterm Linux or Mac user) for any OS.

:). Operating system discussion is good.

This thread was started as an opinion on Windows products and services, not as a bashing session or so I would hope. A couple posts thus far have been unsupported in that regard.

My favorite operating system is Dance Dance Revolution /strange humor. It covers all my needs.

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The nice thing about Macs (at least pre-OSX) is that they just work. And they keep working forever. They are also very easy for a first time computer user. Also, Macs keep very high resale value. However, they are limited in capability. Microsoft OS can do much more and is much more compatible with the world and is easier to use for computer-savvy people. I grew up on nothing but Macs, but today I hardly know how to use them at all. The thing that bothers me most about Macs is that I keep searching for that darn right click button that is never there.

This is not completely Microsoft’s fault…

I reformatted my laptop the other day and since I left my Windows XP Pro disc at home, i used my laptop’s recovery disc for the first time…

First thing I did was install mcaffee and the most recent update and spyboy search and destroy.

I found a combination of 220 viruses, trojans, and pieces of spyware on my computer, right after reformatting…no internet connection was made at any time during this

Drove me insane…so I finally went to the student union and paid the $9 for an XP Pro CD…9 bucks is better then 199…thats for sure

Well, the only virus scanner I’ve ever installed on Linux works with my mail server to get rid of viruses for Windows. And there has been only one proof-of-concept virus for OSX that I know of. Windows is (pretty much) the only target for viruses. I use both Mac OS X and Linux heavily and I can’t name a single virus scanner for them :slight_smile:

I’ve used all three of the major OS’s (including others) and must say that my least favorite is Linux. I’m really not very fond of GNU or the GPL (the license which covers Linux), either… but I don’t really feel like getting into that right now :slight_smile: I do like how widespread Linux has become, and how it’s opened up a new world for computer users. I REALLY HATE the “anything but Windows” state of mind, because that commonly comes from the user’s inability to admin the computer… and I’d MUCH RATHER see an insecure Windows machine out there on the web than an insecure *nix machine. So kudos to Linux for creating “the movement” but once/if you get settled, don’t forget there’s BSD.

Anyways, after derailing that train, I must say that I also like most Microsoft software… especially Office X.v or whatever it’s called now. However, that’s the only decent Microsoft app for OS X… WMP and IE 5.2 (shudder) are pretty lame, but then again, I wouldn’t use them even if they were better. Microsoft has done a pretty great job creating an OS with a great GUI that runs on exceptionally old hardware. They’ve also been pretty good about their updates and the stuff they offer (if you didn’t know, Microsoft bought out one of the best Adware detection software companies and released the software for FREE). They’re also a great game publisher. Halo, Halo 2, Age of Empires 2, Mech Warrior 4. All great games.

I guess I’m one of the people that has used each of the big 3 pretty heavily and can find a good use for all of them. (Although it’s getting kind of hard keeping all the knowledge straight… I tried to install my 200gb hard drive in XP a few nights ago and it was stuck at that 137gb barrier… took me quite some time to figure out what the heck was wrong… stupid atapi.sys!)

Linux all the way :slight_smile: SuSe is my Distro of choice. I keep one Windows machine in my room around for when I need it. One I get a laptop, I’m gonna switch my desktop to suse completely (instead of dual booting) and let it run a decent http/ftp/php/mysql/mail server :wink:

Microsoft isn’t that bad over all if you use software alternatives, IE Firefox and Thunderbird. Recently though, MS released a free beta spy ware remover for Windows…where the AV at? :confused:

Not really, since Windows holds a lot of the market share most programmers will program their product on Windows.

IE sucks, plain and simple. Get firefox.

Microsoft worries too much about ease of use and not enough about security. “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither security nor liberty.”

Overall, Windows is good, it’s just some small stuff that Microsoft doesn’t fix that annoys me.

I don’t have much to say in the technical manner…just some thoughts from a gamer’s point of view.

  1. Not an annoyance…just stating the obvious. Microsoft did good when the created the Halo-erm, I mean the X-box. Its a very good system, with some very good games.

  2. However, the way the do PC games annoys me badly. FASA used to hold the Battletech/Mechwarrior combo. Their last game, MechWarrior 3 was awesome. There was one expansion (Pirates moon) for it and everything was finalized. Then, Microsoft gets the Battletech line and comes out with MW4. Then they come out with MW4: Vengence, MW4: Black Knight, and MW4: Mercenaries. THEN they release the Mek Pak expansions for a wider choice of Battlemechs. Seems to me that they want a profit off the game, and do not care much about the gamers.