Opinion, Play More Impact Award Videos during Downtime!

This is a workshopable idea. I think we should play a couple more impact award submissions with the newfound downtime of the Double Elimination Bracket. Pick the top 3ish impact award teams and show a couple more videos and celebrate the work the kids are doing AT that competition. Possible options:

  • Play a video in the 2 proceeding downtimes announcing they were runners up.
  • Play them after they are eliminated from contention by winning a different award (not always possible)
  • Announce the IMPACT winners earlier, play runners up later. Yes it removes the suspense of playing for the qualification if 1 team knows they have already won.

So many teams do great work and we have ready made content to fill our time in the playoff bracket. Instead we are playing a parody music video made in 2015. That video was good, but has poor context for kids that were literally 8 at the time of Recycle Rush.


Or reveal videos. Or really any other team submitted media content!


Agreed - There is no reason we need to have a FIRST Parody video from 2015 specific to that years game from a team who ceased to exist in 2019 in the playlist for between matches (at least it was for events I watched)


It would be great to play as many of the impact award submissions throughout the event. Its pretty cool to see how teams “impact” their communities.


Honestly, Is there any reason we couldn’t play all of them throughout the weekend and then play the winners a second time? They have to be vetted for appropriateness, but I don’t see why not?


Ill take it over the tiktok clips frankly.


This is the only tricky part, IMO. When I first started reading, I thought “why not do it like champs and announced a few finalists before announcing the winner?” But with the 1-award guidance from HQ, being announced as a finalist after you’ve already won an award doesn’t make much sense. So, playing some videos from the runner-ups before you get to the winner would make the most sense. The MC can announce a team as a runner up and play their video - in many cases, that team will have already won an award and know they aren’t getting Impact anyways.

It gives us a chance to better recognize the great stuff teams are doing, which is always beneficial. I hope FIRST is keeping track of how playoffs and ceremonies go, and identifying spots where they need more material to fill in the time between matches. Ideas like this are perfect for that!


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