Opinions: Magnum 775 Legal?

Since the magnum 775 is based on the legal RS775, it appears it would be legal for competition use. Can anyone confirm/deny this? Link for specs

Generally speaking FIRST is very specific about requiring specific models for motors and disallowing anything else (meaning that motor is probably not legal).

Of course, I’m not the GDC, so the best place to ask that questions might be the Q&A.

Look at the datasheet attached to that product, http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/images/RP-MAGNUM775_DataSheet.pdf

This appears to be from Leshi Motors, part number LS775-PX. That part number does not meet R29, which specifies (for the RS775) the following part numbers:
M7-RS775-18 / RS775PH-6221
M7-RS775-12 / RS775WC-8514

There’s nothing wrong with using the rest of the assembly, but you may need to swap the motor if the part number is different.

Not only is the motor not legal, it’s much more than the corresponding motor and near-equivalent gearbox from banebots.

And the magnum is out of stock, as well.

Thanks for the advice. We have four of these units and they look like the ones use on BOOM DONE but we won’t plan to use them.

Just switch out the motor with a legal RS775 motor and you will be fine.

FIRST is very specific about the actual motors used, but COTS gearboxes or other assemblies are generally fine. If there is a COTS gearbox that uses 775-style motor mounting, just switch the provided motor for a Banebots motor and you’re totally legal.