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Best Game Announcers and Master Of Ceremonies in FRC. GO!

Best MC? Colorado Regional guy. I forget his name. But every year he is the best. Hands down.

Best Game Announcer: JonDarr Bradshaw. He usually does Buckeye, Finger Lakes, and Queen City. Last year he did Einstein. He always keeps the game exciting!

I was at the Queen City Regional and was fortunate enough to watch the Einstein matches in person last year. I have to agree with you.

Karthik, Paul Copioli, Blair, Jeff Seaton, and Greg Needel

Karthik is always awesome to listen to. Always has a great history of the teams on the field

GA: Sir Charles.


Greg is HANDS DOWN the best target … err, Emcee. Yes, definitely, Emcee.


Marcus from Dallas. Professional sports announcer <3

Gotta go with Dave Verbugge as best Emcee with JonDarr as best announcer. They arent the epic Einstein duo for nothing.

Tom Nader. He is one of those announcers who can make a match which would be terribly boring, awesome.

…to add to the OP’s original question…

And what makes them the best emcee or game announcer?

How has Andy Grady not been mentioned yet? Amazing game announcer, one of the things I miss most about competing in New England.

This. Not just saying this because I’m Canadian, but he (as I said in a similar thread a year or so ago) has an amazing memory for the history of every FRC team at the event he emcees. Paul and Karthik make such a winning combination in Canada that other regionals just never seemed to match for me.

Copioli in action: Hat Hat Hat!

Karthik in wrecking ball action: Miley Cyrus did not sponsor Waterloo.

Jeff Seaton
Dave Verbrugge
Blair Hundertmark
Karthik Kanagasabapathy
Is there some unwritten rule that great MCs have last names that are difficult to spell?

Game Announcers:
Andy Grady
Dan Green
Paul Copioli

Also, fwiw, JonDarr did the team introductions on Einstein last year, but did not do the play-by-play.

Kris Verdeyen (Announcer at Alamo and MC at Lone Star) is a pretty phenomenal announcer. I’m pretty sure he has to psychic to make some of his live calls.

Angry Eric is the nicest guy, his name is very misleading. And he has the best Mohawk and awards outfit in all of FIRST. Miss Daisy has loved having him emcee Ramp Riot for the past few years.

I think I have only ever been to one event in an official capacity where Jeff Seaton or Greg Needel wasn’t the MC, so I’m pretty spoiled.

If someone could find Sir Charles so I could pay him to narrate my life, that would be great.


I second this. I didn’t have him as an MC in a FIRST event, but he MC’d at VEX World Championships in Anaheim. Wicked awesome dude.