Opinions of teh TV feed

Anyone watching the NASA channel, what did you think of the feed?

I myself found it enjoyable. I was able to follow the match fairly well. That may be my being more used to the game now, or the camera crews being more used to the game, or a combiation of the two.
I also found myself not bothering to follow during the day who was winning and who wasnt, but just sitting there and watching it. Jeff Seaton did a great job as mc too.

One more thing, I wanna give a shoutout to the male dancers in the yellow shirts (not sure what team) who where in the middle of the folding chairs. You know who you are. :slight_smile:

So, who else liked the production feed? Who disliked it?


Mike I borrowed your couch.

I don’t have NASA TV but the real player won’t work right. I hate this so much. its bad enough i can’t be there but no i can’t even see it. what is this crap?

I liked the web feed, i think they did a pretty good job of showing the spirit of FIRST instead of jsut the competition.

However, if you had to watch it on a 56 k modem like me, it wasn’t as enjoyable.

But, still, I liked!:smiley:

I was watching the web feed, it was playing quite nicely on my cable.

Can’t wait for Saturday :slight_smile:

As usual, the net feed was one of the best live feeds on 56k that I’ve seen, but that doesn’t say much. It was actually a reasonable size, though blocky and choppy most of the time, but shapes and individual bots were discernable. All in all, it was good, with decent announcing, more than can be said for other live sports feeds much of the time.