opponent scoring

theoretically if we got an opponent robot turned over in our home zone could we sit on that opponent robot and gain the end game points?

just an idea and that could theoretically make it so all 3 robots are in the air.

No. Re-read the rules. You will probably be called for pinning, if not tipping. (Assuming that you are the one that tips the robot over and it is intentional, of course.)

um no i mean if said opponent robot was turned over for an accidental reason (such as it getting topheavy on a ramp and falling over) and of course the team then pressing the e-stop to make their robot no part of the match.

essentially the bottom line is wheather disqualified and unable to perform robots are considered field debris or a disqualified robot.

Doesn’t matter. Go read the rules before I hit you over the head with the manual. You are NOT allowed to climb on an opponent’s robot. The refs will likely call pinning even if said robot is disabled. (And if it was trying to climb up you, it’s got some penalties coming its way too.)

No. Climbing on opposing robots is forbidden. See <G35>.

first of all that would be some coincidence( I mean having a robot tip over in your home zone and have it so that the opponents robot has a nice climbable ramp)

Second of all there is a rule about the bumper zone of a opponent.
You might want to read it before you assume anything.