Opportunity for exciting view

Posted by Dung Cao.

Engineer on team #397 from Flint Southwestern Academy and Delphi Automotive - E&C.

Posted on 1/20/2000 9:37 AM MST

Will FIRST allow a robot to have a camera on-board? Live view from the robot view.
Here’s a (relatively) inexpensive camera for this opportunity. I found this camera on the internet.

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Posted by Nate Smith.

Other on team #66, GM Powertrain/Ypsilanti HS/Willow Run HS, from Eastern Michigan University and GM Powertrain.

Posted on 1/20/2000 10:08 AM MST

In Reply to: Opportunity for exciting view posted by Dung Cao on 1/20/2000 9:37 AM MST:

: Will FIRST allow a robot to have a camera on-board? Live view from the robot view.

This would be considered a ‘non-functional’ decoration, and would fall under rule M10. Because of the signal broadcasting however, it falls under this subpoint of M10:

  • Any decorations which involve broadcasting a signal to/from the robot, such as remote cameras, must be cleared with FIRST prior to use.

Nate Smith

Posted by colleen.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Other on team #246, a FIRST-aholic, from John D. O’Byrant High School/Boston Latin Academy/Madison HS and NSTAR/Boston University/Wentworth Institute of Technology/MassPEP.

Posted on 1/20/2000 5:44 PM MST

In Reply to: Re: Opportunity for exciting view posted by Nate Smith on 1/20/2000 10:08 AM MST:

You definitely have to clear it like Nate said… but I know in past year’s the team from Naval Undersea Warfare had a camera on board and FIRST used to put some of it on the big screen @ the new england regional…

Posted by Beccy Rigden (Duct Tape).

Student on team #166 from Merrimack High.

Posted on 1/21/2000 8:50 AM MST

In Reply to: used in the past… posted by colleen on 1/20/2000 5:44 PM MST:

That would be awsome. I would love to have a camera on-board. We could show all the people with the money back home exactly what it is we do with ourselves. : ) Yeah!!

co-captain #166