opposing alliance zone?

Is the opposing alliance zone considered the end with their two goals or is it half of that section where they start? Because if the entire section is their zone then that would mean that only one robot can be blocking goals and durning atonomous you would have to stay in your section. Which is right?:confused:

It is the entire side (both sides of the white line) that are considered the opposing alliance’s side, and in autonomous you are not allowed to cross the white line completely (you can still go through the tunnels), although in tele-op you can, but you are only allowed to have one robot at any given time on your opposing alliance’s zone, which is both side of the tape.

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See the picture in section 6.2.1. “The FIELD includes two BUMPS that divide the FIELD into three regions (the RED ZONE, the MIDFIELD, and the BLUE ZONE).”

The BLUE ZONE is between the BLUE ALLIANCE WALL and the BLUE BUMP. Only 1 RED robot can be in this ZONE at any one time.

ok, just clearing this up for myself and others:

you are trying to defend the goals to either side of you, and score at the far end, but only 1 robot from your alliance can be on the far side, correct?

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well from what they are saying we score in our own goals. our alliance can only have one robot in the opposing alliances zone ( the section with their two goals) so if you are trying to block their goals there can only be one robot in that area. hopefully this helps

You score on the close side, your home zone, but only one robot can be at the far side which is their scoring zone. So only one of your alliance’s robot can be on the farthest section defending.

haha thank you so much, especially cuz i was dead wrong