OPR for 4 rotors?

To all the data miners out there: can someone compute ‘4 rotor power’ or ‘40kPa’ power in some meaningful way? I think it would be a fascinating set of metrics to compare with OPR in order to create a more complete picture. Not having the bonuses associated with 4 rotors or 40kPa in qualifications may mask a team’s true OPR for eliminations and does not directly speak to their ability to hit these high-end targets.

On the 4536 event simulator, a team’s calculated contribution (OPR) to gears scored is pretty good for determining a team’s gear placing power, at least as far as OPR is concerned.

This is how it works:
1 rotor = 0 gears scored
2 rotors = 2 gears scored
3 rotors = 6 gears scored
4 rotors = 12 gears scored

So each alliance in each match gets either 0, 2, 6, or 12 gears scored. Extra gears in the airship which aren’t being used to spin up rotors are not counted, since they are not “scored”. Then the linear algebra magic happens and we end up with a list of teams’ calculated contributions to the number of gears scored by their alliance in each of their matches. It’s not a perfect metric, but way better than rotor OPR for determining 4-rotor power.

Fuel should be even easier to do due to its linear and non-segmented nature.

There are kPa ranking point and rotor ranking point categories in the 4536 scouting database. For a more holistic view, there is a playoff total points category which is what a team’s calculated contribution (OPR) would be if quals were scored the same as playoffs.

The first victory in my crusade against the term “OPR”.

I honestly should have just said calculated contribution and left out the OPR in parentheses, but I wanted to make sure CD knew what I was talking about. I completely agree - Offensive Power Rating is a meaningless phrase and should be “phrased out”.

I think folks on CD use the term “OPR” as a placeholder for “min L2 norm” calculation (Least Squares).