OPR spreadsheet

I did a quick CD-Media search, and was unable to find a “raw” OPR excel spreadsheet. I’m interested in being able to compile OPR at a competition, and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the “raw” OPR spreadsheet.


If you’ve got a windows PC and an internet connection, OPRNet will do it for you.


Is there anything that doesn’t require an internet connection, because I am not sure if we will have wifi at the competition?

FRC Tracker App will do OPR if some one on your team has an iPhone. Then you can copy into Excel (may have to manually type it)

I have found two easily fixable dissapointments:

  1. The Microsoft Seattle Regional was split into the Seattle Olympic and Cascade Regionals this year. Data is currently available for Olympic only, I feel left out…

  2. Can we then pick a team and pull up it’s comparitive World ranking please?

Thanks for the hard work, OPR isn’t inherantly useful during regionals, due to update capability, etc. Nothing beats paper-made team scouting data on the regional level, but seeing things in the 30,000 foot perspective is awesome!

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. If you know the letter code for it (check frclinks.com), then OPRNet should still permit downloading for that regional.

  2. Not currently supported, sorry.