OPS ranking of Michigan FRC teams

While they don’t lose the boulder when it drops, it does provide a good way of timing when to hit them to throw off their shot.

Yes, it seems that is the task at hand. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike for the acknowledgment of our system. It is always a great time to play with or against 67. We shot 6 that counted and 2 that passed through. Learning the field “darn chains”. We have amped up the code for the shooting solutions from Howell and look forward to showing the kids new work in Ann Arbor. Good luck to all. A special thanks to 4362 the gems for picking us in Howell. They gave us a chance to learn a bit more and made it a good battle against a good alliance captained by 67! Hope we make the points to see you all at states.

Now that all FiM teams have played twice in Michigan, and pre-DCMP rankings are available, I decided to use the system Wayne described above to calculate a modified OPS. This time it is Selection and Playoff points plus OPR, or SPO. Following Wayne’s suggestion, I normalized on a 1-10 scale to give “WPR”. The attachment shows details. “Delta” is the number of positions that a team moved relative to official FiM pre-DCMP rank. My Top 25 are:

Richard’s “WPR” Rank of FiM Teams pre-MSC
1 3357 COMETS
2 2771 Code Red / Stray Dogs
3 33 Killer Bees
4 67 The HOT Team
5 2834 Bionic Black Hawks
6 3620 Average Joes
7 3604 Goon Squad
8 85 B.O.B. (Built on Brains)
9 27 Team RUSH
10 3688 Norsemen
11 3534 House of Cards
12 1023 Bedford Express
13 5050 Cow Town Robotics
14 5505 V2 Robotics
15 2767 Stryke Force
16 1918 NC Gears
17 3546 Buc’n’Gears
18 4384 Benzene Bots
19 1718 The Fighting Pi
20 5460 Strike Zone
21 70 More Martians
22 3602 RoboMos
23 3452 GreengineerZ
24 2054 Tech Vikes
25 5926 MooBotics

3536 appears at position 37 on my Pre MSC SPO list, which is 19 slots higher than their official FiM rank. Their normalized “WPR” is 4/10

Pre MSC SPO.pdf (52.6 KB)

Pre MSC SPO.pdf (52.6 KB)

MooBotics is 5926

They are not just a great rookie team but one of the most consistent hanging bots!

Goon Squad is 3604

Thanks for the corrections. These team numbers are correct in the pdf details, but I was typing too fast in the spoiler.

Richard, 3536 is happy to hear we are in a pretty good spot on your list. We are cant wait to play with your team and the others at MSC. We have experienced a dismal 33% alliance partner failure rate at AA and still found our way to 10th. We hope with a little luck we will see a improvement in qualifying pairing and shake that statistic. All in all we think we could have a really enjoyable time in Grand Rapids. Our team worked on a whopping 15 robots over the last two events forging ahead to get them in playing form.

Happily we had no systems failures in the last two events even with some strong defense played on us. Surprisingly we even had a team take a “full courtyard run” in the practice matches at AA before the day even started lol.

Excited to have made the list