Optical Sensing on the ramp

After looking at the field, I immediately had a question, would we be able to use the optical sensors on the ramp, or will it have to be a “dead-reckoner” as soon as the optical sensors hit the wire mesh? So I looked closer, and it seems that the aluminum supports are the continuation of the reflexite tape. My question would be, would the aluminum be enough for the optical sensors to recognize a lighter surface?


yep, it is. it doesn’t pick up the wire mesh ramp, thats probably because FIRST chose a coper plated wire mesh. and then the hdpe up top also reflects and the sensors detect it. so you can just set it to go forward when both sensors detect a reflection. and the aluminum going up the ramp, they are all painted black except for the ones in line with the tape, those are left shiney so you can follow them up