optical sensor

okay, i read the thread on this that was posted before, i know how to hook up a sensor. now i have searched the entire innovation first website to find the digital inputs pinout sheet, but i cannot find it. i need to know which pins are actual inputs, and what they are called in the program. i have seen the rc_sw(1-16) in the program… do these numbers directly relate to the pin numbers??? i doubt it… considering 3 is a ground, as stated in the manual. so if someone can please help me find a way to plug in 3 optical sensors, but on individual inputs to be able to tell one from another… thanks all

If you download the Control Systems User Manual from Innovation First’s website you will find several spreadsheets in the manual that not only list the pinouts for the RC and the OI but what functions they take in the software, the variable names and in some cases disable info. This manual is a must for all teams to have a hard copy of and the electrical and software teams should have copies of their own for reference.
See this for the OI
and this for the RC
and this for a list of all docs