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okay, i read the thread on this that was posted before, i know how to hook up a sensor. now i have searched the entire innovation first website to find the digital inputs pinout sheet, but i cannot find it. i need to know which pins are actual inputs, and what they are called in the program. i have seen the rc_sw(1-16) in the program… do these numbers directly relate to the pin numbers??? i doubt it… considering 3 is a ground, as stated in the manual. so if someone can please help me find a way to plug in 3 optical sensors, but on individual inputs to be able to tell one from another… thanks all

first of all, please don’t post in multiple forums. In fact that is against the rules

Look at the robot controller’s reference for the pinouts: http://www.innovationfirst.com/firstrobotics/pdfs/Full_Size_Robot_Controller_Reference_Guide.pdf

Because Joe took care of the digital input pinout problem, I’ll just address the optical sensor pinout problem.

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I know the digital input pinout, but, I don’t know how to wire the optical sensors. Can someone please help me with this. I have two days left!!!

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**I know the digital input pinout, but, I don’t know how to wire the optical sensors. Can someone please help me with this. I have two days left!!! **

At this point, if you still need help with wiring the optical sensors, I’m inclined to think that you are utterly hopeless, and should ditch whatever subsystem into which you planned on incorperating an optical sensor.

The pinout is written on the side of the sensor, and has been mentioned in a huge amount of threads and posts on these forums. If you can’t find this information on your own, at this point, I’m also inclined to think that you should just stick to programming, and not deal with anything hardware related…

I feel bad about burning you this bad, right now, so I’ll recite the pinout from memory…

Brown: +12VDC
Blue: Ground
Black: Digital Output
White: Digital Output

Black and White are mutually exclusive outputs. If one is high (on, 1), then the other is low (off, 0).

/me grumbles.

To Ryan and majormusic,
If you have any trouble we will try to help. Page 13 of the robot manual shows the correct wiring for the optical sensor. The Robot Controller docs on the Innovation First website will not only give you the pinout for the digital inputs, but it also explains what variables the input is mapped to in the default code.
Please Note: The sensor supplied in the kit is intended for use with retro reflective targets but can false trigger on most highly reflective materials like white tape and aluminum plate. There is a sensitivity control on the sensor and some tally lights that light when the trigger is sensed. Adjust the sensitivity until you reliably trigger on what you want. Be sure that the bright lights of the playing field will not affect operation by adjusting sensitivity or protecting the sensor from the lighting.
You can PM me if you wish, just let me know here, I don’t check my messages that often.