Optimal Height and Location for a triple climb chin up bar(s)


I’m wondering if the CD community can develop a universal spec for the optimal location of where a chin up bar would be located with respect to the 3rd Level Hab Platform that would allow 2 other robots to climb onboard.

Releasing it from the each side of the robot would require that both robots climb. Releasing it at the front could allow a single robot to chin up or potentially 2 if each were not too fat.


As far as I’m aware unlike last year there isn’t a chin-up-like element in the Deep Space arena.

So I forsee only a few, if any, robots would be designed with an expectation that they will be grabbing a chin-up bar.

Perhaps your team should come up with something that would better interface with what a number of teams likely are already designing for (wheels, cargo, hatches, climbing to L2, etc.)


That’s kinda my point. If we can create a universal specification of where we should mount a chin up bar on our robot for those planning on climbing to the third level. Then there is more chance of getting a partner bot that can interface with that chin up bar. We plan on cheesecaking, but if we could all agree that a bar at a certain location would work best, then cheesecaking might be a bit more effective.


I don’t see this being a widely used strategy, also wondering what keeps your robot from being pulled over off Level 3, the force vectors aren’t looking good.


I think it is very optimistic to hope for any other teams to make this of their own volition. Quite frankly, unless an incredibly large amount of top tier teams came out and said they would make something to this spec, no one would build it. As far as cheesecaking, it could be possible but not particularly consistent and would only be reasonable to ask for in elims.

There could be a way to clamp to the platform, similar to Snow Problem’s 12 point climb but I still agree that it is far from an optimal strategy.


They would need to let go of the sides before T=0 to get a level 3 climb for either robot. Maybe a giant suction cup lol


Yeah, that was a mess up on my part. I just started reading though Q/A questions now and I was just about to come back and correct myself. I think we are still on the same page as far as feasibility goes.