Optimising the camera

Apologies if this has already been asked, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was searching the forums but didn’t see quite what I was looking for. Our team is using Windriver. We got the camera to work (using the Two color tracker).

Well, I guess there are two parts to the question. Firstly, how do I see how many fps I’m getting, the CPU usage, etc? Is it possible and how? Secondly, are there any teams that have made optimisations with the camera and are willing to share code? I just need to be able to track two colors.

Thanks very much!

the actual fps is in the camera init function, the first arg, but to find how fast you loop:
at the top: create a new timer
Timer tmr = new Timer();
just before the loop in auto or where ever your code is:
int timesrun=0;
in the loop:
if (tmr->Get() >= 1.0)
printf("This cycle was at %i Hz
", (timesrun/tmr->Get());

then open the console and every second, it should tell you the speed of the loop

Awesome, thanks for the code.

How have most people been optimising the camera code? I haven’t found any good camera documentation based on C++. Any help would be appreciated on this, I kinda just need some documentation. Thanks