Can you explain how to do optimization of PWM COTS? What methods should I use for software? Where or what from I’ll get help to optimizing these methods?

PWM COTS? Like, are you asking how to interface with PWM sensors in your code? I think you’re going to have to give more detail.

I asked which methods should I use for software and for making these optimized, where should I get help from?

Can you explain what optimization is in this context? What is your end goal you are looking to achieve?

I want to reach optimized methods for software which run with PWM COTS.

Can you explain what components you are talking about? COTS represents literally every off-the-shelf component you can buy.

The key portion of my question: in this context. Terminology like PWM, COTS, optimization, and methods can imply a lot of different things, it depends on what your current situation is.

For example, “Method” can imply “a systematic procedure” or a specific concept in object-oriented programming. I do not know which you refer to - there is more context we will need before we can understand your question.

If I can make a suggestion - start by describing the physical construction of your (actual or theoretical) robot. What parts does it have? How are those parts connected together? What end goal does the robot itself have? What solution are you investigating for controlling the robot?

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