optimum sensing distance for sensors

Can anyone tell me what the mimimal sensing distance for the optical sensors is?


They are optimized for 1 meter(believe it or not). Our team looked them up in a book on sensors(disclaimer this information was gleaned several weeks ago. My memor is not the best). However, I think the minimum distance is however close you can get whatever to the sensor.

The range is affected by the reflectivity of the target (these sensors can spot tape at 15 feet, but cannot see my hand at four inches when set to detect a white paper on a red broadloom at 5 inches.

Check here for a full description, but you will see that the sensor can operate out to 20 feet. The diameter of the sense changes with distance but at less than 5 feet the beam diameter is less than 50mm. Remember that this type is designed to be used with a retroreflective target so any other target material will affect response. There is also a gain control on the side of the sensor that you can adjust if the sensitivity is high. Check this at the Banner website.

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