Optional Java software release

There is an optional update for Java/Netbeans that has a number of bug fixes. If you aren’t using any of these features, there is no reason to update. Be sure to have a copy of the release version before updating (you can download the Release files from the update site) in case you have any issues.

  • Minimum CAN Jaguar version number is no 101 as per rule 61-4
  • Deadlock issue with Preferences class if used with SmartDashboard
  • Solenoid class has problem changing values when in Test mode in the SmartDashboard
  • Removed some leftover debug print statements in some objects that appear only in test mode
  • Make sure that SmartDashboard only updates values on change
  • Included version of SmartDashboard includes a lightweight camera viewer that is used to see camera output, but is not intended to be used with the OpenCV vision library. This plugin doesn’t require the SmartDashboard installer, it’s a pure Java solution and is platform independent.

To get this update you should modify the URL used in Netbeans for getting the release by changing “Release” to “Stable”. This will install the build with the above fixes. The URL is:


This one definitely affected us. Thanks for the fix!

The update fixed this issue for us.

Some bugs here have effected us. Thanks for the update.