Orange County Regional (2016)

OCR has only a few days left to go, I thought I’d go ahead and get this thread started.
We currently have 4 wild cards at this event

3309 won Chairman’s at the LA Regional
2485 won Engineering Inspiration at the San Diego Regional
294 wilcard from LA Regional
5817 won Rookie All Star at the Central Valley Regional

Here’s the full list of teams:


Also be sure to download our OC Regional App to use at the competition.

Parts requests will now all go through this app! Not only does this help teams get the tools/parts they need. We will also have a record of all of the transactions in case a tool was loaned out but you can’t remember the team you loaned it to.

The Planning Committee has been working very hard to make sure that this regional is going to be a great experience for all who attend!

The app has some other great features too!

App Description:
The OCR app is designed to connect competition participants to the logistical functions of the FRC regional. With features consisting of parts requesting, match queuing, and live results, the Orange County Regional will be one to remember!
Parts requesting allows users to request parts remotely. When the part request is received by the pit admin, it can then be approved. Once approved, notifications are sent to teams so they can help fulfill the request.

Match queuing: By entering your team, the app will send a notification to you letting you know that your match is being queued.

Live results: Scores are recorded after every match and displayed accordingly.

Anyone at the regional can use this app! Feel free to try it now!

Looking forward to my fifth event of the season. I’ll be there as a robot inspector.

And I’ll be there for my fourth event–in stripes again.

For some reason, I think I’m obligated to show up.

Looking forward to helping ALL of the rookies get thru inspection and be ready to compete. Any bets on the number of 6" bumpers left to fix?

Half the field has competed already. So that puts it at <=20. That being said, I’m thinking that some of the rest showed up at the Spring Scrimmage, which would have picked those off, and some more might have actually understood the rules the first time.

I’ll take 10 needing fixing for “various reasons” (not just short).

I’m happy to be descending on the OC regional for my first Regional since 2013, and my first ever outside of the PNW. Should be a good time Inspecting and potentially CSAing.

You’ll have good company with the CSAs; Joe Ross and Joe Hershenberger

You may have to change your name to Joe

Looking forward to helping inspect for the first time at OC and for an awesome set of teams at our inaugural event!

My middle name is Joseph, so I might be able to work that out :smiley:

Technically I’m only signed up to inspect, but I figured that after Thursday the need for inspectors goes down and CSA needs goes up, so I can help wherever’s needed.

I will similarly be there as an (official) inspector and (unofficial) CSA. So we should be well covered at this event for control systems!

So OCR has Python and .NET support, what about C++, Java, and LabView? :stuck_out_tongue:

All joking aside, Joe Hershberger works for National Instruments and is the key developer of the roboRio firmware images and robot side NI libraries, and naturally is also rather familiar with LabView :). Joe Ross is very knowledgeable in both Java and LabView and has contributed to the C++ and Java libraries. As for myself, I reimplemented the Java and C++ NetworkTables for 2016, rewrote much of the Java JNI layer for 2016, and implemented the C++ and Java support for several of the new sensors this year. Thad is also a contributor to the C++ and Java libraries. So we will have about as complete of language coverage as you can get outside championships!

I am afraid of Pythons. But I’ll drink Java while scoring a C++ on my programming tests while setting in my cube with a LabView. :smiley:

I think I’ll stick to checking bumpers.

And I’ll be there for my first “support” event–in stripes for first time.

This regional has some of the best volunteers imaginable. Can’t wait to kick this event off this morning!

That is an absolutely amazing idea. This should be part of other regionals/district events. Do you have source code for it?

Good luck teams!

3309 Friarbots developed the OC Regional app and so far it has been working very well!

And be sure to check out their website to help connect teams with mentors! Mentor Maps!

The planning committee approached them with a general idea, and they have turned the app into something that is helping to streamline the event and create a better team experience. They came up with adding the match queue section of the app.

Tomorrow the Queue section of the app goes online, and I know that it is going to be amazing!

We wanted the app idea to be restricted this year to only the OC Regional for testing purposes, and to set an example that the regional is always keeping the team experience in mind.

3309 has plans to make the app easily functional at future events, hopefully this offseason, at regionals all over California, and one day the world!

We are very open to feedback on how to further improve the app so please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas. I will be going around the pits tomorrow asking teams about how they feel about the app.