IS there any cheaper substitute for Orange Go

Gojo makes a goop-like stuff that works fairly well, but I’m not certain of how much it costs. Your best bet is to go to your local automotive supply store and find the cheapest one.

Dish soap and sand does a nice job. Sandblasting media works well as the abrasive and you can select how coarse you want it.

I like Boraxo, which is a powdered soap. Don’t know about price, though…

^^ Powdered soap is a good call too. I have often used dry laundry detergent and it works quite well. Just put some in your hand, add a little water to turn it to a paste.

Lava bar soap with pumice is great. They are a dollar a bar and last a rediculous long time. Plus the bar is nice to be able to use the pumice to work at tough spots that won’t come clean. When I taught automotive and foundry that was all we used.