Orange Pi (Orange Light on Ethernet Port not flashing)

We’ve configured our orange pi with photonvision and it shows as active and running. However, when we plug the orange pi into the network switch on our robot, only the green light on the ethernet port of the orange pi is on. The orange light does not turn on, and we are unable to connect to the orange pi via photonvision.local:5800. We’ve tested the network switch and radio through connecting to the robot normally and it has worked, but connecting the orange pi does not seem to work. What would be the cause for this problem?

How are you powering the OPi?

I had an issue just today when my power cord was defective and undervolting the OPi. I had the same symptoms.

Yeah, we believe that was the issue. Now the board is sufficiently powered, and both the green and orange lights on the ethernet port are on. However, when we try to access photonvision.local:5800, we still do not get a response. Photonvision is running on the board, the board is connected to the network switch and ethernet seems to be functioning ok, but we can’t actually connect to the board via photonvision.local:5800. Confused as to why.

Can you use the IP directly to reach the photonvision GUI?

Were you able to set a static address to 10.TE.AM.11?
If not, do you have it plugged int a switch on the robot, or to the second port on the radio? If the radio,…get a switch! Use AngryIP to find the address, connect to the DHCP address and set it to a static IP.

We got it to work with simply reflashing it. Our guess is we forgot to upgrade the packages the first time around. Regardless, thanks to everyone for the replies.

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