Orbit 1690 Robot reveal video 2014 - ATLAS

Team Orbit 1690 from israel proudly presents “Atlas” :

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Good work Orbit!!
I cant to see you in the regional!!

עבודה יפה מאוד

We hope to see you in St. Louis!!

You immediately get props for your robot’s name. I brought that suggestion up with my team when we were naming ours. Long story short…it lost the vote :o

That is an amazing robot, good job guys! Good luck at competition :slight_smile:

Some renders of our robot CAD ,done with PTC creo







our kicker mechanism:



That kicker mechanism is one of my favorite mechanisms of the year. Truly awesome. I watched that part of the video about a dozen times in a row.

Here is our Israel regional recap:

We would like to thank 2231 - Onyxtronix and 1577 - SteamPunk for picking us to join the #3 alliance, we made it to the regional finals and had a great time working together with the both of them.

We won the following awards:
Regional Finalist Award
Industrial Design Award

We had lots of fun throughout this season and would hope for an even better one next year.