Orbit 1690 scouting system 2022

Orbit 1690 is proud to present our scouting system for the 2022 season!

The app is separated to 2 sections: phone view and PC view.

In the phone view, we are gathering data in 3 different ways: technic, specific, pit

  • Technic:

The “regular” scouters,(around 18 people, 6 people are scouting each match) are counting how much balls were scored in the low/high hub, and how much missed in teleop and in auto, what climb level the robot reached, and if it didn’t work most of the match or even didn’t showed up to the match.

  • Specific:

A subteam of 6 people, their role is to write a paragraph about each robot in every match he played, and to focus on things we can’t know from the technic scouting. For example: the strategic role of the robot, the time it took him to climb, the quality and/or reliability of different subsystems, how good the driver is, etc.

They can also submit a “fault” if something broke/doesn’t seem to work during the match.

(In the app the specific messages are in Hebrew)

  • Pit:

A subteam of 2-3 people, their role is to give us information about the robot in general, and to take a photo of the robot in the pit.

During the competition, they get “faults" from the specific subteam, and they check with the team that had the fault in the pit what happened, and they update the fault during the competition according to the robot performance in the next few matches.

After we gathered the data, we display it in the pc view:

  • Team info:

Basically you choose a team and can see all of it’s data, balls and climb during the competition, specific messages, and pit scouting.

  • Pick List:

List of the teams in the competition that you can sort. There are 2 picklists: one for second robot and one for third robot.

  • Compare:

You can choose teams to compare data, like balls per match or climb level during the competition, and you also have a really cool spider chart!

  • Scatter:

In the scatter graph we are displaying all of the teams in the competition, the x is points from balls per game and the y is standard deviation of points from ball per game.

  • Status:

This page lets us know if any scouter missed a match and shows that everyone is doing what they need to do.

  • Team list:

Table of all of the teams, you can sort the table by selecting a certain row in the table.

This is a brief explanation about our scouting system, for more information feel free to replay this Post.

Here is the link to the app so you could check it out:


(The app is separated to phone/PC views, so to see all of the features you will have to open it in both platforms.)


This is super cool! Do you guys bring 26-27 scouts to competition? Or is it the students that aren’t doing technical scouting fill in the other roles on rotation?

On a separate note, I love you viewer setup! It’s clean and simple. I did however have a question about the comparison graphs.

What do the dark dots represent? Only a few teams have them and not in every match. My guess is that it signifies one of the “faults” you were talking about but wanted to clarify.

Awesome setup!

This looks great! Are you guys willing to share any implementation details? I’m curious as to what you’ve built this with.

There are two kinds of faults there a faults that specific input and that technic input. The dots on the graph represent technic faults. Purple dots represent a team that didn’t move throughout a portion of the match (or the whole match) and red dots indicate a robot that didn’t come to the field. The main difference between the two kinds of faults are that specific faults are used to know at the time of the competition if something in the robot broke and if we should play in accordingly and technic faults are for understanding how many matches a robot doesn’t work for you (which may cost you a loss if they don’t work on a match with you)

And about the scouters we just rotate 3 groups of 6 students every 8 matches we did have a problems with this setup throughout the competitions and will probably work differently in the future.


All code is public on github https://github.com/Team1690/Scouting-Frontend
We use flutter for the frontend and hasura with postgres for storing the data there isn’t really backend


Ah, I see. Guess I missed that repo, thanks. If you don’t mind me asking, do you guys just use this database for the scouting app?

It seems that Orbit is on their road of open-source. Hooray!


Yes only for the scouting app

Edit: I meant to reply to this comment

And accidentally replied to myself


Well done!

I don’t want to sound annoying, but aren’t you reusing robot code between seasons?

What robot code is used for a scouting system?


I asked about robot code because Itamar said “only for the scouting app”.

this is super cool!

never been to Worlds so I don’t know if its different, but at every competition I’ve been to there was no internet access allowed - is this all offline? if so, how do you get your data from the scouting app to the frontend?

thanks (:

edit: clarified phrasing

There is no wifi allowed, you can use the internet through the cellular network on your phone and the app wouldn’t work without internet.

I don’t want to bug you guys as well, but it’s important to clear this point - if 1690 reuses robot code between seasons, they should post the code to the community (as per the game manual, R303). Also, and aside from the “official” standpoint or code reuse status, We’d love to learn from 1690’s incredible programming efforts!
@itamarsch @kornblau any plans on publishing your 2022 robot code?

I think the guys in orbit 1690 have already answered your question . They only pulish their code for scouting app. Since the season isn’t finished, maybe they will attend the Chezy Champs l guess. So if they publish their robot code, it won’t be at this time. l guess it would be at the end of this season. Besides, l have a bolder guess that maybe they are writing a whitepaper about their software which they use in this season since there is one saying that “It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish”. Since 1690 is a really really experienced team at programming (as well as mechanism), so l think if they want to introduce their achievement in software, they will make a hit to the whole community. This is all based on my guess. :smile:


Then what about previous years’ code?

Do we know they’re re-using code year to year? Why are we blinding accusing them of such?


Not trying to make an accusation, but to clarify the expectation that if they reused code from previous years in this season, that code would be published already. Rumor has it they were using LabView until recently though (at the very least they did their 2019 offseason swerve in LV) so code from before that switch would be hard to reuse, nor would it be on GitHub.

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we are planning to release most of our 2022 code robot code after we’re done with off season events, with emphasis on the generic functions. in the meanwhile - a fun fact: It is our first official season using java !! - in past official seasons we used LabVIEW, and during the Covid period, we switched to Java