Orbit ball official name

I wish to know the officially name of the orbit ball so i can buy them online I know it has a speicial name but i dont know what it is can someone help me.

and i dont know what walmart is closest to staten island i wish for help on that to THANK YOU

They are not online. What you have to do is call up a Walmart that has some on hand. First has been working with Walmart and has this list here:


This is how I got balls for my team. It will take about 1 week to process (they have to check inventory, then you have to send money then shipping…) Be patient and kind. Remeber they are doing you a favor.

Go through this list and find a store that has about the right number for you. It looks like NY is pretty well picked over. My recommendation is to look into a state that has fewer FIRST teams (Nevada has some stores with quite a few balls).


You folks might want to check this out

Parents of a Team 980 student member have produced a kit for assembling ten, high-quality, durable Lunacy Game balls at ~$125 (shipping included) for on-line sale to FIRST teams:

Lunacy Game Balls - The Complete Kit

The professionally manufactured kit includes 60 pre-cut lexan strips, 60 sown spandex fabric tubes (30 ea. orange and purple), super-strength adhesive patches and tape for fastening the plastic strips, and simple instructions for assembling the balls.

It’s way easier to get them here than Wal-Mart b/c they’ve been discontinued. Hope this helps!